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Movie: Babylon A.D.

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Vin Diesel is back saving the world from a bleak future, instilling hope in the hopeless, and kicking some butt along the way. One of the last summer offerings of the season, “Babylon AD” stars Diesel as the mercenary Toorup. He’s hired by a big time Russian gangster named Gorsky (Gerard Depardieu) to escort someone to NYC. When Toorup goes to pick up his “package” from a Neolite (religious order) convent he discovers she’s a young nun named Aurora (Melanie Thierry). Also along for the voyage is Aurora’s guardian, Sister Rebeka (Michelle Yeoh). The trio must escape Europe and get to American shores. Not an easy feat in this bleak future where borders are well guarded and other forces are trying to acquire Aurora for their own mysterious agendas. 


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